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National Creditors Bar Association Fall 2021 Conference

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The Toolkit Every Creditors' Rights Firm Needs


Enterprise Solutions
Optimize Your Service Rate

ABC Legal Services goes above and beyond to improve your service rate.
Discover the benefits of service of process solutions designed specifically for the collectors' rights and debt collection industry.

Tools made to improve service of process:

  • Pre-Suit Skip | Never waste a court cost
  • The virtual Ride Along | Your rules on every dispatch
  • Compliance Dashboard | Audit in an instant
  • Performance Dashboard | Your case data on demand
  • Deep-Skip | Service rate lift of 6-10% guaranteed


NCBA Subcontractor Oversight Program
Mitigate FDCPA Legal Risks

ABC Legal Services became one of the first vendors to pass the most rigorous information security and control systems audit in the industry. Designed by the NCBA, the program allows its members assess and compare the security compliance of potential vendors. It's your next vendor audit - done for you.

Talk to us at NCBA to find out what it means that we passed - and why you should be using those subcontractors that make the cut.

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Locate. File. Serve. Appear.
It's as Easy As ABC+D

Hit the easy button with a bundled file and serve and court appearance with ABC Legal Services and Docketly. ABC Legal Services gets your legal documents where they need to go. Docketly schedules qualified attorneys to attend related procedural hearings. Your case data, documents, instructions, hearing updates, and cancellations flow between the two without any effort from your team. 

Stop by our booths when you get your coffee at NCBA to find out how legal services are better together.

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