ABC Mobile - Manage Areas

Area Assignments

Under Manage Areas, you can select an area listed in Available Areas or Map and select "Claim Area" to be assigned jobs there.

The prioritization level determines how frequently work will be sent your way. What areas you work is impacted first on availability, but after that it's up to you.

Important terms ABC Legal uses when discussing a server's workload:

  • Area Assignments: Areas are determined by US Zip Codes. You can assign yourself areas by selecting "Claim Area".
  • Jobs per Month: This is the number of jobs we received in that area in the last 30 days.
  • Resolution Period: This is the number of jobs you served or non-served in the last 90 days.
  • Capacity: This is the amount of jobs per month you can claim overall. It is a function driven by your Resolution Period and adjusted based on the quality of your work (and then some breathing room on top). If you have fewer jobs per month than your capacity, and the amount of work you are receiving is a good fit for you, then no need to claim any more. 

Prioritization levels

  1. Primary - Assigning yourself to an area as Primary means that, as soon as we have a job ready to be served, we will immediately ship it to you. 
  2. Secondary - We will send you work in this area if the primary process server is overwhelmed or taking time off
  3. Backup - We will send you work here in the event that all process servers assigned in that area are overwhelmed and need some backup.

When Can Areas Be Claimed?

Any time the number of jobs per month in your Primary Areas is below your Capacity, you can claim any available area that does not put you over your Capacity. If you want a busier zip code, you can drop any area that would give you enough room below your Capacity and it will be immediately available to you.

Areas are assigned by US Zip Codes, and each area lists a payout per job and an expected jobs per month. The more frequently you make attempts and achieve services, the faster you'll be able to increase your Capacity.

As always, if you have more work than you want, you can always Release an area.

Staying On Top of Your Work

With every job, you must meet ABC Legal's Reporting Requirements and Timeliness Requirements. There are also expectations set by the courts and customers that have to be adhered to. We also require that process servers help us work through any and all complaints we receive in regards to services. 

Every job must be completed honestly and with a high degree of quality. We would always rather that you release an area if you are overloaded and missing expectations. In serving, as well as in every profession, there is a limit to how much each individual can do well. We want you to be comfortable with your work, and it will never negatively impact your standing to release a zip code. We encourage you to find a balance and adjust it over time as you are able to devote more or less time to serving documents.

Finding Success

The entire ecosystem is based on you attempting jobs quickly and efficiently, and resolving orders in a timely manner. In order to get more work, you must do quality work! Follow these helpful guidelines so that you can make the most of your time in the field.

  • Keep Your Areas Tight: Your areas don't have to be near your home - most of us commute to work! But, in the interest of saving your own time and gas, try to keep your assigned area as close together as you can.
  • Attempt When People Are Home: A lot of people work a traditional 9-5 job. That means they'll be occupied by a commute and working hours a lot of the day. Top scoring process servers generally resolve the most jobs before 8am and after 6pm.
  • Check Your Areas Regularly: Check once a week, or once a day, but we recommend regularly looking at available areas until you have found the right fit for you.
  • Don't Overwork Yourself: Quality over quantity! Or rather, quality before quantity. Operate at a consistently high level to open up more opportunity.
  • Attempt More Frequently: It's required to make attempts at least every other day, but more frequent attempts means more orders coming your way.
  • Weekends: What can we say - People tend to be home on Saturdays!