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Manage Areas Release Cut

Get the Right Amount of Work for You

By picking up areas when you need more work, and releasing areas when you need more time, you can find just the right amount of work for you. If a better zip code becomes available, grab the primary assignment for that one and then drop an area that's inconvenient to drive to. New areas can become available each day, so make sure to check frequently. If at any point your number of orders comes close to your limit, ask to have it raised, as this will help maximize your efficiency.

See also: Balancing Limits and Commitments; Lessening Your Workload; Getting More Assignments; Active Services Limit

Prioritization levels

  1. Primary - We will try to send you all the work in this area
  2. Secondary - We will send you work in this area if the primary process server is overwhelmed or taking time off
  3. Backup - We will send you work here in the event that all process servers assigned in that area are overwhelmed and need some backup.

What Makes Your Assignments Available To Others

If you have too many overdue service orders, or your reporting requirements falls too low, your limit will be set to 0, and then your area assignments will become available for others to claim. If you are are staying free of overdue orders by making consistent attempts every 48 hours, and meeting the reporting requirements, then you'll have full management of your areas. If your area is claimed by another, you will lose the "Primary" or "Secondary" designation and be assigned as a "Backup" process server.

When You Can Choose New Area Assignments

If an area assignment is up for grabs, you will be able to claim it if your reporting requirements are at 100%, you have no overdue services, and have no overdue proofs. We want to make sure that servers are all caught up on their work if they are assigning themselves more.

Jobs Per Month

This is the number of jobs in that area in the previous 30 days. Keep tabs on your own total jobs/month and use that to compare to any areas you are considering picking up or releasing. This will help you better manage your workload so that you increase or decrease your workload by the amount that you need. 

Location. Location. Location

Where your areas are can matter as much as how much work you have. When you are about to claim an area consider what impact it will have on your ability to serve the rest of your work. The more spread out, the fewer attempts you'll make at the best times.