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ABC Mobile - Manage Areas

Certain states have a Manage Areas feature that allows process servers to determine their own coverage and workload. Determine your workload by picking up areas when you need more work, and dropping areas when you need more time. If you have a good workload but a better zip code is available for you, assign yourself to that one, then drop an area that hasn't been working as well for you. New areas can become available each day, so make sure to check frequently.

Watch the below video to see how to go about picking up and dropping areas:

Manage Areas prioritization levels:

  1. Primary - We will try to send you all the work in this area
  2. Secondary - We will send you work in this area if the primary process server is overwhelmed or taking time off
  3. Backup - We will send you work here in the event that all process servers assigned in that area are overwhelmed and need some backup.

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