ABC Mobile - Claim Jobs

This is where all jobs that are currently available for a server to claim are located.
As you claim and resolve more jobs, you'll eventually have the opportunity to take on areas themselves via Manage Areas, receiving work more consistently.

When Can Jobs Be Claimed?

Credentials & Overdue Jobs: Jobs that are currently available can be claimed, so long as process servers have up to date and valid credentials and the process server does not have too many overdue orders.

Availability: Jobs Available will be displayed in the ABC Legal App. These will list the payout and the number of jobs we have available in that area.

Jobs Available

How Do I Claim Jobs?

Step 1: By tapping on the Map in the upper left-hand corner within the Home section, you can view a more accurate display of jobs that are available to be claimed around you.    

Step 2: Once able to view the map, tap on any job icon and ABC Mobile will provide you information on the Job selected.  

How to claim jobs

Step 3: Tap on the information box once more to claim the job.

Claim Jobs

In Transit Orders

Orders that need to be printed or are being mailed will be displayed with an "In Transit" tag. 

in transit

Batch Operations Feature

Enjoy the convenience of batch operations, such as batch accepting orders, to streamline your workflow. 

batch accept