The Ultimate Guide to Ensuring Proper Service of Process

Service of Process ebook LR

In this guide, you'll discover:

  • Top considerations regarding the regulatory environment that surrounds service of process
  • Qualities to look for when vetting and hiring process servers to ensure reliable and accurate proof of service
  • Ways the right technology can make the difference in service of process speed and ability to withstand challenges.

More about this guide:

Service of process rarely gets the attention it deserves. Out of all the efforts that make a case proceed, it’s one area that’s often not given enough value or appreciation. This is a major oversight for law firms. Not all process servers are the same, and how well they carry out their duties can dramatically affect the speed and success of legal proceedings. 

If you are a legal professional who is new to using process servers or who may be experienced but just a little uncertain of how to select an efficient and successful process server, then this guide is for you.