Reporting Vacant Property

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What To Look Out For

Some locations will appear more obviously vacant than others. No matter how certain you are on a residency's vacancy, check with a neighbor to confirm. Also to better determine if the address is vacant check the following:

  • Is the address completely Empty Inside?
  • Is the address's meter off?
  • What has the Neighbor, Property Manager, or even an On-site worker said about the status of the address?
  • Is the property substantially overgrown?
  • Are there piles of mail in the mailbox or at the front door?
  • Is there a Real Estate Lockbox securing any access to the front door?
  • Is there a Vacancy Notice posted on the front door?
  • Is the specific address an Empty Lot confirmed by checking neighboring properties?

The answer can be yes to any number of the questions above. You will be able to fill out all of these options in ABC Mobile.  

Why Is Vacancy Important?

We will have sent a server to an address with a strong expectation that the documents can best be served there. If new information is acquired that service is no longer a strong possibility at the specified address, the order needs to be updated.

Our customers need to be made aware so they can choose a new course of action. The initially provided address also needs to be double checked and deemed not serviceable on our end.

Generally, it is better to report as much information as possible than to report too little, so we can record a detailed citation of vacancy.