Philadelphia Proof Return

Court Proof Replaces ABC Legal's Proof

When receiving a new order from ABC Legal, the court-issued proof will be sent along with the documents. It will be branded with an ABC Legal bar code, which will facilitate our eventual receipt of the document. Print this proof out to have on hand in the field so you can fill it out once an address is resolved.

Submit Information in ABC Mobile and On The Court Proof

As always, document everything related to the service of an order via ABC Mobile - attempts to serve, successful services, and bad address events.

Include the details of the final event on the court-issued proof, once you have successfully served the documents or discovered a bad address.

Proof Submission

These proofs are always sent to Timelines are critical with Philadelphia proofs because every case has a predetermined hearing date. Once you have resolved the address, you will be emailed a duplicate copy of the same court-issued proof you received when the job was assigned. Nothing necessarily needs to be done with this duplicate copy. It is simply sent as a reminder to submit the filled-out court-issued proof.

Philly Proof