Other Types of Service

Business Service

There are occasions that you will be asked to serve documents on a business. Your app will list the name of the business to be served, and sometimes include the name of the business's Registered Agent. A Registered Agent, or RA, is the person to whom service of process should be directed. If no RA is available, you may give the documents to another employee who is authorized to accept service. Ensure that you receive verbal confirmation that the recipient is legally allowed to accept service.

Posting Service

Certain services will call for a posting of documents on the property of the subject. These are circumstantial cases, such as Notices to Vacate or after approval by the court. If posting is allowed on an order, it will always be stated in the special handling instructions. When posting documents:

  • Documents should be affixed in a manner that does not cause property damage and is easy in removal. Use blue painter’s tape to affix the documents to the front door or staple a rubber band to the corner of the documents and hang the documents on the door handle. If using tape it is a good idea to place the documents in a plastic slip.
  • Take special care not to damage or disrupt the subject’s property.
  • Never post documents in or on a mailbox, even if a defendant instructs you to do so. It is illegal to place or remove items from mailboxes; this includes documents and contact cards. Do not place anything in a mailbox under any circumstances.

Posted Documents

Posting by Hanging on Door HandleStakeouts

Certain services may require a stakeout. Stakeouts are always authorized beforehand by ABC Legal, and should not be otherwise attempted. A stakeout entails waiting on a location for a pre-determined amount of time and observing whether or not the subject is available. If the subject is observed, you can attempt service.