Review Period

Every process server goes through an Initial Review period when they begin contracting with ABC Legal. During this time the Partner Guide team will be in contact with process servers, and each serve entered into ABC Mobile will be reviewed by our Compliance team to ensure adherence to regulations and the expectations of Due Diligence

Jobs Reviewed

Each Service is reviewed by our Compliance team and may take 1-2 business day(s). There are no ways to speed up this process, as they are reviewed on a first come first serve basis.


Once ABC Legal ensures adherence to regulations and expectations are regularly met, the Partner Guide team will notify the process server that they have officially graduated from the Initial Review period.

Be Open to Feedback

There is an element of leniency at ABC Legal, and process servers are encouraged to be open to training and eager to learn. The members of our Partner Guide and Compliance teams are contacting you to help you improve. We know the job is multi-faceted and sometimes confusing. So allow our guidance with open arms! 

Keep Learning

Keep reviewing after graduating, particularly the State Specific Rules. Service of Process can be complicated and the Partner Resource pages are available to help guide your actions and habits to make you the best and most well-trained server you can be.