Initial Review Period

New Process Servers are Audited

Every process server goes through an initial service review period when they begin contracting with us. Each service entered into ABC Mobile is reviewed by our compliance team to ensure adherence to laws and ABC's own expectations. Contradictory notes, documents being served under dubious circumstances, and notes between cases that follow the same pattern will catch our eye for further review.

Keep Learning

Orientation isn't over yet! Keep reviewing the training, particularly Personal Service, Substitute Service, and any State Specific Rules. Process Serving can be complicated and the purpose of this time is to help guide your actions and habits to make you the best and most well-trained server you can be. Further training is issued during this time for new servers that are having difficulty adjusting to aspects of the job or ABC Mobile. Reminders about the details of serving commonly need to be issued. Another concept often talked about in this period is when and how to add an address. Read up on those articles if you have been contacted by our compliance team!

Be Open to Feedback

There is an element of leniency during this period, and process servers are encouraged to be open to training and eager to learn. The members of our compliance team are contacting you to help you improve. We know the job is multi-faceted and sometimes confusing. So allow our guidance with open arms!