Policies and Procedures

General Rules of Service FL State Image-1

  • When performing Substitute Service, the co-resident must be at least 15 years of age or older. 
  • In Florida you are not allowed to serve or contact a party listed for service on a Sunday.
  • Before serving the documents, you must put your name or initials, process server registration number (if applicable), as well as date and time of service all on the first page of the documents to be served.

Registered Agents

Available at Business Address from 10 am to Noon

When serving a business, a Registered Agent (RA) will always be available from 10 am-Noon each business day. They will also be available for much of the rest of the day, but during this time they will always be available. See more: Serving Businesses.

When Serving at a Registered Agent's Home Address

You should try to serve the Registered Agent. If you can't, then normal sub-service rules apply: you are allowed to serve any co-resident, provided they are 15 years of age or older.

Private Mail Box Facilities

Sometimes you will navigate to an address, only to find out that it is a private mail box facility. In this case, do not serve the documents unless you have specific special handling instructions to do so. Instead, please inquire within whether the named defendant has a private box at that location. Then on the Result screen, select "PMB/PO Box" noting if they have a box at that location, or if the employee refused to say. After we have exhausted all possible home addresses, we may come back to this location to serve.

Eviction Notices

(Also called: Service of process in action for possession of premises)

Eviction Notices can be posted once two attempts to personally serve a tenant have been made. These attempts must be at least 6 hours apart from each other. Once this has been done, then the documents can be posted in a noticeable place on the residence (such as the front door).

If you make two trips to an address, and no one answers either time, post the documents on this second trip. This needs to be entered as two attempts and a service as seen in the example below. Note that posting occurred on the same date and around the same time as the attempt. 

Florida Eviction Posting and Attempts-1