Policies and Procedures

Substitute Service Rules

Substitute service may be performed on a recipient that is both a co-resident to the defendant AND a family member who is at least 18 years of age. In other words - only an adult family member of the servee, who lives with them. Do not perform substitute service until you have verbal confirmation of all of the above criteria.

On your proof of service, you must include the specific relationship between the person accepting service and the defendant. ABC Mobile's option for "descendant" is not accepted by Colorado courts. Please edit this term to specifically say "Son," "Daughter," or whatever term best specifies the familial relationship, such as "Cousin," or "Grandfather". Try to obtain the name of the person accepting the documents as frequently as you can, as it greatly increases the chances of our proof of service being accepted by the court. See more: Substitute Service

Proof Handling

Proofs must be submitted to ABC Legal within 5 business days of the completion of the service.

All Colorado Proofs of Service have to be notarized. However, ABC Legal does not require the original proofs be sent back to us. A scan of the proof is sufficient. A scan of the notarized proof can be sent to See more: Proofs of Service