ABC Mobile - Claim Jobs

This is where any and all jobs that haven't found a server to be assigned to are posted.

We organize the listings by US Zip codes, and will show you all the jobs available in each of those areas. 

When Can Jobs Be Claimed?

Credentials & Overdues: Jobs Available can be claimed so long as all credentials on your profile are in order and so long as you do not have too many jobs overdue.

Availability: Jobs Available will be shown anytime we have NOT been able to automatically send them to a process server. These will list the payout and the number of jobs we have available in that area.

How Do I Claim Jobs?

Press any available zip code, then press "Claim Jobs" and "Confirm". Then all available jobs in that zip code will automatically be sent to you.

Once claimed jobs will arrive in your app within 15 minutes. 

Map of Claim Jobs

By tapping on the Map tab in the Claim Jobs section, you can view a more accurate display of jobs that are available around you. Tap on any job icon and ABC Mobile will provide you information on the Zip Code selected. Tap on the information box once more to claim the job.