Taking Pictures Through the App

Per ABC requirements at least 1 picture must be summitted with every Attempt or Service submission in ABC Mobile. (Please be sure to NEVER take pictures of individuals)

Taking Pictures

We recommend taking pictures when you arrive at the address, you can take pictures before logging an Attempt or a Service.

1- In the order details select “Photos”

2- Select “New Photo”

Use your camera to take as many pictures as you feel necessary. Be sure they are clear photos that include house or apartment numbers. You can put your phone away and when you submit an Attempt or a Service those pictures will be stored for you to use.

Directly After Logging your Attempt or Service

You can also take photos after making all of your selections and reviewing your Attempt or Service notes.

Tips For Success

  • Photos are an essential component to process serving

  • Photos offer an indisputable record of evidence

  • If you see vehicles registered to the subject please be sure to take photos as they can serve as direct evidence