Taking Pictures Through the App

A picture must be submitted with every Attempt or Service entered in ABC Mobile.

These pictures can ONLY be submitted via the App.

Taking pictures

When you arrive at an address

When you arrive at an address press the Camera button on the Details page.

Take as many pictures as you feel are necessary, then you can put your phone away and those pictures will be available for you to use when you submit either a service or attempt. 

After your notes

You can also take a picture after making all of your selections and reviewing your notes. Any pictures you have already taken will still be available. 

Before and after knocking on the door

You can take pictures before and after an attempt or service if you wish. 

For example, you could arrive at an apartment door, take a picture, speak with a resident (finding out the individual moved), enter your notes on the way down, then still take a picture at the end of the front door of the building.