ABC Mobile - Profile

The Profile section can be located by clicking on "More Options" located at the bottom right of the ABC Mobile screen, then in the side menu by clicking on “Profile”

Here you will be able to find all the information that ABC Legal has on file.

  • Email/phone number/home address
  • If you need to update your contact details, this can only be completed in the Profile section of the ABC Web Portal, please refer to this quick guide on how to make these changes here.

Profile - more options screens


Snapshot of how well you are doing and an indicator on much you can improve!

Lifetime Resolutions: Tracks how many orders your have been able to serve, non-serve, or make diligence on, throughout your time working with ABC Legal.

Star Rating: Is a resulting grade based on your speed of resolutions and quality of services over the past 180 days.

Monthly Capacity: Is the sum of claimed areas that a process server can take on, and a sum of monthly volume determined by ABC Legal. This number is affected by your scorecard rating, and jobs you have completed. The more work you take on, successfully complete in a timely fashion, displays your capacity to handle more work.

Metrics Example


This section will outline the list of your credentials, education and training, or private registrations, contract and ABC Legal Guidelines and Expectations.