Web Portal

Accessing the Web portal

Completing Profile and Training 

From "Profile" you can complete required training or upload any credentials. You can also e-sign contracts and agreements, update your address and phone information, and complete your background check under this tab.  

Edit profile

Accepting and Rejecting Jobs  

Individual Jobs  

To accept or reject individual jobs, select “My Jobs” and then “New.” You will then be shown a list of new orders where you can select “Yes” to accept the job or “No” to reject it. After confirming that you want a job, it will be moved to the “Accepted Jobs” tab.  


accept reject individual jobs

Jobs in bulk 

To accept or reject jobs in bulk, select “My Jobs” and then “New.” You will have the option to either select “Accept Jobs (up to 10 jobs)” or “Reject Jobs (up to 10 jobs)” Once selecting one of those options, check up to 10 jobs you would like to accept or reject.  Lastly, select “Apply Action” to complete this task.  

Printing Service Documents 

To print service documents, select “My Jobs” and then “Accepted Jobs.” You can select “Accepted” to sort your orders by oldest or most recently accepted. Where it says “Choose Bulk Action,” change the action to “Print Service Documents” and check the jobs you would like to be printed. Selecting “Apply Action” will open up the service documents in a new tab in your browser for you to print.


print service documents


Printing Proofs 

Select “My Jobs” and then “Proofs” if you need to print a proof. You will be able to view all your proofs and their return instructions here. Selecting “Sign & Mail” will allow the proof to open up in a new tab for you to print. Selecting “E-sign” will direct you to SignNow to e-sign your proof.