New York

New York City

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  • No Sunday Service or Attempts: You are not allowed to serve, attempt service, or contact a party listed for service on a Sunday. 
  • It is not allowed to make phone calls to individuals for service or request phone numbers.  
  • When serving anyone, ask whether the person named on the coversheet is active duty military. Document this information in ABC Mobile.  
  • When serving a business, only serve the registered agent or person listed on the coversheet.  

Print Documents Twice 

When you accept a new job, make sure to print out two copies of the documents (you will not be able to print a second set in the event that you end up substitute serving or posting a job).  

  • One set of documents will be served to an individual or posted. 
  • The second set will need to be mailed to the same address in the event of a substitute service or posting. 

Substitute Service

When Substitute Serving, the co-resident must be at least 18 years of age or older.

  • After any substitute service, you must mail a set of the documents to the same address within 10 days of the service. (Pre-postage envelopes will be provided by ABC Legal). 

If special handling instructions on the coversheet state: ‘residency was confirmed via DMV/Postal’, then you may serve any resident over the age of 18 - even if they say the subject does not live there. 


Posting documents is allowed if you have Confirmed Residency, and 3 prior attempts have been made at the following times on different days: 

  • 7am-12pm 
  • 12pm-6pm 
  • 6pm-10pm 

The documents should be visible when posted or posted in a clear plastic slip. 

When reporting the posting in ABC Mobile, make sure to list when you confirmed residency in one of your attempts, and list the description of the door and hallway in your posting notes. 

  • After posting, you must mail a set of documents to the same address within 10 days of the service. (Pre-postage envelopes will be provided by ABC Legal). 


Due to court deadlines proofs must be signed and mailed within 3 business days to the ABC Legal Brooklyn Office.  

UPS labels are provided by the Support Team.  

If a Proof has a notary section, you will sign and date it in the presence of a notary. 

All proofs and legal documents should be signed in black ink. 

New York City Ledger

Every attempt and service made in New York City must be logged in a bound book (ledger) at the time that it occurred. This is in addition to submissions made in ABC Mobile. 

At the end of each month, scan and submit that month’s ledger pages to If scans are not received by the 10th of each month, you will not be allowed to claim further jobs.