When Does ABC Legal use Sheriff’s For Service?

Sheriffs may be used to serve docuemnts if required by the court, or if they are the best option for service.

When does ABC Legal use a Sheriff for service?My order requires a statutory fee check of $40 to the NY Secretary of State at the time of service. Does ABC Legal handle this?

Yes. ABC Legal manages this requirement and provides the $40 statutory fee at the time of service. Your form of payment will be charged separately for the required $40 fee + $5 for processing.

When does ABC Legal use a Sheriff for service?

Based on our 50 years of experience, ABC chooses to use a sheriff when they are the best option for the specific type of work, the area around the country, or a dangerous situation. By volume, ABC Legal uses the sheriff less than 1% of all ABC Legal work.

ABC Legal has direct relationships with Sheriffs nationwide and has internal experts that manage the process from start to finish—so you don’t have to. When we use the Sheriff for our clients, it’s a real time-saver. You don’t have to coordinate the serve, work with the Sheriff for payment, make no calls or emails to find out when the Defendant has been served, or work to obtain your proof of service. We do that for you. Plus, you have the benefit of our website, so you have everything in one place to easily download your Proof of Service. If your job is in the hands of the Sheriff, it’s in a good place.

To learn more, please visit our page on Sheriff Service.