FAQ: Ordering Online

Find the information you need to place your abclegal.com order.

How much does service of process cost?

Price depends on geography. Service of process ranges from $75 to $145. ABC Legal charges per address, entity, and the number of cases being served.


How do I pay an invoice online?
You pay upfront with your credit card when you finalize your order.


I am serving two defendants at the same address. Do I get a price break on the 2nd one?
We charge per defendant, per address, and per case. So, each party will be priced the same.


How do I know if you serve in a particular area?
To find out if we serve in a specific area, follow this link and input your desired city, county, or state: https://www.abclegal.com/value-and-pricing#map


How do I create an account with you?
If you're ready to order service today, an account is created when you place your first order.
If you're not quite ready to place an order, you can sign up for a free account at any time at https://secure.abclegal.com/abc/customer/signup!


I'm ready to place an order. What's next?
Order online in under a minute at https://www.abclegal.com/service-of-process/order.
(We've clocked it - it's possible).


I need someone served on a military base or in a prison/jail. Do you do that?
This depends on the base or jail/prison. Some allow process servers in, others do not. Some have specific requirements such as making an appointment with a base escort. Please check with the military base/jail directly to confirm.

Learn more here.


I need server names for my Motion and Order. How do I get those?
Please add this request in the "Additional Instruction" field when placing your order on our website. When ABC Legal is reviewing your order, we will provide you with the names of the servers that cover the address/region you are requesting.


I need to serve someone, but don’t know their address. Can you find them for me?
Locating an individual, by law, requires “permissible purpose”. Therefore, we can only legal skip-trace for law firms or those who have retained a licensed attorney. 

If you are an attorney, you can order a Locate+Serve by selecting "Yes" if asked if you'd like to "Order investigation to locate and serve the best address?"

Improve your chances for successful service. We'll locate the best known address for service and serve your documents there.We recommend this option if you:

  • Don't know the address or have a partial address
  • Question the source of your address
  • Want your documents served as efficiently as possible

Please note it takes 2-5 business days to complete the address trace. Attempts begin after the trace is completed.