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Meeting at a Neutral Location

The address must be added in ABC Mobile

There are times when a neutral meeting place would work best for all parties involved. Great! Follow this guide when encountering such a situation. If these steps are not taken, the wrong address for service will appear on the proof and you will be liable for the error.

  1. If necessary, report an attempt or log a phone call containing the details of how the meeting place was agreed upon.
  2. Google the address. Make sure it is in the same county as the original service address.
  3. Make your way to the agreed-upon location and give the documents to the servee.
  4. Open the relevant order in ABC Mobile and press the "+" button to the right of the original address. Then hit "New Address" and add details to every line that you can. It is important that the Zip Code is filled out.
  5. Following a few questions, you will be prompted with "Activate new address for attempts?" It is critical that you tap "Yes, I want to attempt here." Then tap "OK" when asked, "Your new address activated tracking number ######. Load order now?"
  6. Under this new tracking number (look at the address to be sure that you are on the new tracking number), enter the service details as you usually would. When you receive the notification that "Your served event has been submitted," sync your app, then both orders, for the new address and the old, will have disappeared from your list of orders.

See also: Logging Phone Calls; Attempt Reporting Requirements; and Proofs of Service