Meeting at a Neutral Location

The address must be added in ABC Mobile

There are times when a neutral meeting place would work best for all parties involved. Great! Follow this guide when encountering such a situation. If these steps are not taken, the wrong address for service will appear on the proof and you will be liable for the error.

If ABC Mobile will not allow you to add an address, it is because one should not be added. This might be because this new address would be in the wrong jurisdiction (requiring re-filing the case first), the customer for the order does not want attempts made at multiple addresses, or because they are Original Documents (which cannot be served anywhere other than at the location specified on the coversheet).

In any case, do not attempt service at the new location without direction from ABC Legal.

Steps for adding an address in ABC Mobile:

  1. If necessary, report an attempt or log a phone call containing the details of how the meeting place was agreed upon.
  2. Open the relevant order in ABC Mobile and press the "+" button to the right of the original address. Then hit "New Address" and add details to every line that you can. It is especially important that the Zip Code is properly filled out.
  3. Following a few questions, you will be prompted with "Activate new address for attempts?" It is critical that you tap "Yes, I want to attempt here." Confirm this submission. 
  4. Then tap "Cancel" when asked, "Your new address activated tracking number ######. Load order now?"
  5. After tapping "Cancel," you should record an Attempt on the original service and on the Result page select "Other" then notate that you are meeting at a neutral locationThis will allow you to be paid for your efforts at the first address. Then sync the app.
  6. Make your way to the agreed-upon location and serve the papers.
  7. Under this new tracking number (look at the address to be sure that you are on the new tracking number), enter the service details as you usually would. When you receive the notification that "Your served event has been submitted," return all the way to the home screen and sync your app. You should now have two proofs - one proof of non-service for the original service address and one proof of service for the meeting place.

Note: There are certain customers that disallow the addition of a new address. If you make your way through these steps and the new address does not generate a new tracking number, it is likely because the customer does not want you serving there.