Personal Service

The Most Bulletproof Form of Service

Personal service is the act of physically delivering documents directly to the named subject. This is the preferred method of service, which involves the following:

  • A verification of identity. This can take the form of the subject stating their name when asked, responding in the affirmative when named, a physical confirmation (if photographs are provided), or a check of identification documents.
  • Clarification is key! Ask direct questions that require answers without room for interpretation. "Are you (servee's full name)?" is a great, direct way to confirm identity.
  • The named subject, once identified, physically taking the documents in hand (Exception: Refusal of Service).

What Does It Look Like in ABC Mobile?

After tapping "Served," you will be asked who you delivered the documents to. Only select the name of the defendant if that is the person you spoke with and delivered documents to.

select defendant

The next page will ask you how you confirmed the identity of the defendant. The majority of the time, you should be selecting one of the first two options: "Subject stating their name" or "Subject saying yes when named." Remember, as a process server it is your job to verify that the correct person is being served. Have a conversation and ensure that your proof contains correct information!

Identity was confirmed by