Moving to a different state? You can continue working with ABC Legal as a process server!

Please follow these steps once you move to a different state and want to continue serving documents for ABC Legal.

  1. Check the specific state requirements of the state you are relocating to. Some states may require licensing or registration to be able to work as a process server. If required, make sure to obtain the appropriate licensing and registration before proceeding.

  2. Update your address by accessing the ABC Legal Web Portal and navigating to the profile section. Here, you can easily provide your new address to ensure accurate and timely communication.

Edit address under profile and training

3- Access ABC Mobile and navigate to the "Manage Areas" section. From there you will need to release all areas that you currently have assigned to you. Be sure to do complete this step as soon as you know that you will not be able to accept/complete any work in the area where you are moving from. This will open up opportunities for other servers to claim these areas and continue providing service effectively. 

4- Once you are ready to begin serving in your newly relocated area, make sure to claim any available areas that match your preferences and workload capacity. 

By diligently adhering to these steps, you can continue serving documents effectively and maintain compliance with legal regulations in your new state of residence.