ABC Mobile- Submitting an Attempt

Submitting an Attempt via ABC Mobile is an easy process. Be sure to submit all attempts within 15 minutes of their occurrence - per ABC Legal guidelines.

Select the order you want to log an attempt for, in the order details click on the “Attempted” button (yellow)

Next, simply follow along and answer the prompts

1-  Date and Time of Activity

Please note that if you choose a time outside of the 15-minute time frame allotted to report an attempt you will need to respond to a transgression

2-  Address Type 

(Select the term that best describes the location of service)

3-  Who Did you Speak with at Address?

If you select any option other than “Nobody” you will be prompted to answer  the following question-

3A.  What Did They Say?

4.  What Did You Observe at Address?

5.  Who Else Did You Speak With?

Based on your submission ABC Mobile will autogenerate a description. Click “Next” to move forward to the Photos section, once at least 1 photo has been added, click on “Confirm” to submit your Attempt.