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See Where Your Case Is Now

See the current status of your case online in your secure account. Updates are instant and available for every case.

Transparency is important for service of process. So, what we know, you know.

Information about the current state of your orders and your account as a whole is available for you to review online 24/7. 

What's the status of my case?

The most recent status for your case is visible on the "Case Details" page associated with your order. 

Getting to the "Case Details" page

To access the "Case Details" page for any case:

  1. Search for the case
    1. Use the blue search bar next to the ABC Legal logo in the upper lefthand corner to search directly for an order using the case number, Reference ID, case title, or court.
    2. If there are multiple results for your search, select the case from the results.
  2. Find the case in "Case Activity & Search"
    1. Navigate to Case Activity & Search. This will display a list of your orders with ABC Legal.
    2. If you don't see the order in the list immediately, you can search for a case number, case title, or court or use the filters to display the order.
    3. Select the case from the results.

Reading the "Case Details" Page

Status Overview

See where your case stands currently. The step counter is the high-level state for your case. There are several potential states: Document Review, Filing*, Service, Proof, and Complete.

  • Document Review: Our team is confirming the order in our system.
  • Service: Your documents are with a process server. The process server will make attempts until the documents are served or diligence is met. Typically, if you're still in this step, an additional attempt will be made within a few business days.
  • Proof: the proof is being finalized. You may see a "Pending" or unsigned proof of service in your account.
  • Complete: a signed copy of the proof is ready. The signed proof of service or proof of non-service is now available.

*Currently, the Filing step is only available for select customers with high volumes of casework.

Key Events

Key events will list major milestones and documents associated with the case, including your signed proof of service once your documents are served.

Case Activity

The Case Activity timeline will show you exactly where your case is right now. 

In the timeline, we display every step your documents take with us, from your order confirmation through each and every attempt, service, and finally, proof of service. 

If you look at the top of the timeline you can see the most recent record we have of activity against your order. 

Learn more about typical timelines and what to expect next.