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Common causes for delays to service of process

While you can expect an attempt every few business days, delays may occur.

While we make an effort to ensure service of process is as smooth as possible, process servers are human and serving documents is a "process".

Factors that impact service of process timelines:

  • Incorrect address information or poor GPS directions
  • Missing documents
  • Rural areas, cows, UFO sightings (Kidding about the UFO sightings. But, have you ever tried to drive around a herd of cows? It doesn't work)
  • Meeting service of process requirements (we discourage multiple attempts in a day, for example)
  • Poor weather conditions, natural disasters, fires
  • Tricky service conditions (gated communities and specific living situations are not straightforward for service of process)
  • Unsafe delivery conditions (some people threaten process servers and we don't make people go back if they've been threatened).
  • Individuals avoiding service (don't worry, we've got you covered there with Avoider Protection)