Out-Of-State Subpoena Domestication Requests

Subpoena Domestication involves requesting the subpoena to be issued from the out-of-state court, which, depending on your situation, may be accommodated.

Why Does My Subpoena Need To Be Domesticated?

Your subpoena is enforceable within your state court's jurisdiction, but what happens when you need to serve your subpoena issued in Washington when the defendant lives in California? In this situation, you would need to have your subpoena reissued by a state court within California in order for service to be enforceable.

Can ABC Legal Services Help Me With My Subpoena If It Needs To Be Domesticated?

Domesticating a subpoena out of state can add some stress to an already stressful process. ABC Legal Services makes serving your matter easy with our online platform, but subpoena domestication demands that your subpoena be reissued by an out-of-state court and picked up for service. Find out if ABC Legal Services can accommodate your out-of-state subpoena domestication request by scheduling a meeting with one of our sales representatives.