Get More From Your Process Server

ABC Legal provides comprehensive documentation of service of process including GPS validation, photos, and notes from each attempt.

With service of process you expect to get the signed declaration, return, proof, or affidavit of service. It's a sworn statement from the process servers and is typically "enough" for a court.

It's a single document completed once documents are delivered.

But sometimes you want more.

You want assurance that attempts at service are being made consistently over time. You want visibility into what's happening along the way - not just at the end. You want the confidence that if service is somehow contested you have evidence supporting what was done was in accordance with local laws. You want ABC Legal's ironclad proof.

Ironclad Proof

With ABC Legal you get so much more than a signed declaration of service. In addition to your court-required proof of service, you'll get evidence validating where and when each attempt took place. These details are recorded by our process servers using ABC Mobile, our proprietary app while they're in the field, completing each step.

It's the sort of evidence judges love to see.


  1. Log in to your account
  2. Access the "Case Details" page
    1. Search for the case
      1. Use the blue search bar next to the ABC Legal logo in the upper lefthand corner to search directly for an order using the case number, Reference ID, case title, or court.
      2. If there are multiple results for your search, select the case from the results.
    2. Find the case in "Case Activity & Search"
      1. Navigate to Case Activity & Search. This will display a list of your orders with ABC Legal.
      2. If you don't see the order in the list immediately, you can search for a case number, case title, or court or use the filters to display the order.
      3. Select the case from the results.
  1. Scroll to the "Case Activity" timeline to see recent events, in order
  2. Expand any event with a dropdown/carrot to see all the details

Notes, photos, and GPS coordinates

Everything you want to know is available at your fingertips.

  • Read the notes
    In any event in your "Case Activity" timeline noting "service attempted" or "service completed" you can use the dropdown/carrot to expand the visible information. The process server's notes will be visible in the expanded view, detailing what happened when they visited the location — what they saw and with whom they interacted.
  • See the photos
    To see photos taken by the process server while in the field, look for the "camera" icon in service-related events. Clicking on it will open a lightbox containing the photo.
  • Check out the GPS validation
    The location of the process sever, recorded as they add their photos and notes, is available under the"location" icon in service-related events. Clicking on it will open a lightbox containing the GPS coordinates and the location on a map.

Access this information anytime, anywhere

All of this is available online in your secure account. It's updated live and can be accessed at any time after you place your order, including when you're finally at court.