Time Off and Vacations

As an independent contractor, you get to set your schedule. So...

Anytime you are taking 3 or more days off 

Home and Away 1 (1)

You can set yourself from (home) to (away) on your profile to no longer receive work automatically.

If you still have pending jobs Home and Away 2 (1)

If you have orders on your list of services when your time off starts, go to Contact ABC select "Re-assign jobs" and let us know to "Re-assign all my jobs".

No need to tell us how long or why, it's your schedule after all.

When you are ready to work Home and Away 3

Set yourself to (home) and jobs will automatically be sent to you in any assigned areas you have. No need to reach out to us.

When taking 1-2 days off

No need to set yourself to (away) as this will only cause work in your assigned areas to be sent to other process servers.