Time Off and Vacations

As an independent contractor, you get to set your schedule. So...

Anytime you are taking 3 or more days off 

Home and Away 1 (1)

You can set yourself from (home) to (away) on your profile to no longer receive work. This should be done a few days in advance of your needing to take time off so that you can work on the orders you have already, but can be set back the very day you return. 

If you still have pending jobs Home and Away 2 (1)

If you have orders on your list of services when your time off starts, go to  Contact ABC to let us know you will need these removed as you will not be serving. No need to tell us how long or why. It's your schedule after all.

When you are ready to work Home and Away 3

Set yourself to (home) and jobs will automatically be sent to you in any assigned areas you have. No need to reach out to us.

When taking 1-2 days off

no need to set yourself to (away) as this will only cause work in your areas to be sent to other process servers. 


No metrics are impacted by setting yourself to (away).