Time Off and Vacations

As an independent contractor, you get to set your schedule. But if at any point you have jobs on-hand and need to take time off, please send us a request Here and specify the dates you expect to be gone for. ABC Legal will put a hold on dispatching orders out to you until you return. The process ideally goes like this:

  1. Notify Partner Support by emailing us at least 7 days in advance. This gives us time to help you manage your workload and decrease the number of incoming jobs as you get ready to leave.
  2. We will pull all remaining work 1-2 days before you depart so that your metrics are not negatively affected.
  3. Enjoy your vacation!
  4. Let us know when you return and we can begin assigning you work again.

Unexpected Time Off

In the event that you find yourself ill or are suddenly unable to serve documents reach out to us as soon you can so that we can help with managing your workload.

If you will be gone for two days or less, and none of your work will go overdue as a consequence of your time off, then there is no need to notify us.