Failed Submissions in ABC Mobile

Just Re-Enter It!

Check Your HistoryHistory Examples

First things first, make sure that the event truly did not stick. Sync your app, then go into the History tab of the relevant order and check to see if what you submitted is there or not.

Re-Enter the Information

If your submission is missing from that order's history, simply enter the information again. That's it! Depending on the circumstances, you may be asked to respond to transgressions - like your GPS coordinates being incorrect. Writing something like "Submission was not saved" is sufficient explanation for these instances.

Won't this affect my metrics?

Yes, but only very slightly. If you ask us at ABC Legal to enter the service on your behalf, your metrics are more severely effected. As long as you respond with a plausible explanation (like the example above), your service should be approved. Just make sure to include a picture - perhaps of your coversheet with your service notes on it.









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