Route Plan

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The Route Plan is for those that have asked:

  • How can I plan my day better?
  • How do I prevent overdues?
  • How can I efficiently attempt my orders?
  • Is there another way to serve than by typing 60 addresses into Google Maps and tapping "Start Route"?

Route Plan creates a custom plan for your day and takes into account the following:

With the new selection and sorting features, planning your day's route has been made so much easier. You can tap and hold or select the "Selection" button on the top-right corner of ABC Mobile to toggle the ability to select any number of specific jobs that are on your list.


Once this feature is activated, the option to start a route straight from your service list will appear on the top-right corner of your app. The Services chosen will be compiled into a personalized list for you to power through for the day..

Plan New route

We are very proud of this feature and we hope its flexibility as a tool helps you accomplish your Process Serving goals.

Route Plan's Additional Features:

  • Route Plan connects directly to your phone's map and inputs the next address.
  • Do you want to skip an address? You can travel to any given location on your list by selecting it.