Referral Procedure - Limited Time Increase

Get a bonus for every new process server who makes it through their 30-day review

Limited-Time Offer, Through November 15th, 2019!

For a limited time, ABC Legal is offering $150 for a referral, increased from the standard $50! As a further bonus, for every five referrals that are on-boarded and make it past the 30 day mark, we will give you an extra $200 bonus

The procedure for this is identical to the outline below. As long as we receive the Referral Bonus email on or before November 15th, you qualify for the increased bonus.

How to Get The Bonus

ABC Legal offers a bonus for every new process server referred to us by a current one! You and the new server each get a one-time $50 bonus upon their graduation from the preliminary 30-day review. The process is simple. Have someone you know send an email to with the subject line Referral Bonus Promotion. Make sure they include the full name of the person who referred them (you!) in the body of the email.