Metrics - Overdue Assignments

An emphasis should be placed on timeliness with every task performed. It is standard to act on orders as soon as possible, e.g. confirming receipt of service documents the moment you receive them, attempting new orders within 24 hours of receipt, and signing proofs of service as they are generated. If an appropriate timeline is not followed, orders will appear under "Overdue Assignments."


It is important to our customers that we make every effort to complete our services in a timely manner. That is why it's our expectation as a company that each serve be attempted at least once every 48 hours. It is up to you to make a concerted effort to impress our customers! If you allow too much time to pass between making attempts on a particular service order, it will appear in your Overdue Assignments list.

The default instruction for an order is "Serve". As orders go overdue the instruction will become "Serve: attempt today or tomorrow" 


Signing and returning a proof is what triggers your pay to begin processing. It is common for process servers to sign their proofs as soon as they are received and reviewed, so it is unlikely that a proof will appear in your Overdue Assignments list. However, if one slips past you, it will appear here.


Filings often have a stricter timeline than the other items listed here because the law, rather than ABC policy, dictates the workflow. It is therefore recommended to complete a filing within 1 business day of receiving the documents.


We charge extra, and pay extra, for RUSH orders. For this reason, expectations are higher. Attempts must be made every 24 hours and, if possible, on the same day you print out or receive the documents.


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