ABC Mobile - Non-Residency Indicators

Non-Residency Indicators allow you to quickly select common reasons an Address may be bad for service.

On every order in ABC Mobile, you will be provided an address to attempt. After your attempt, you will need to record any information that you gathered into the activity log.

Information that supports that the individual we are trying to serve does not reside would be considered a Non-Residency Indicator. (i.e. Seeing a package that is addressed to someone other than the person being served.)

When you are unable to serve at a location, simply locate the Order in ABC Mobile, select "Attempt" then proceed to fill out the menus that follow. When you reach the "Non-Residency Indicators:" menu, select any of the options that best describe the information you gathered.


Non Residency Indicators-1

If you acquired information that is not represented in the list of options above, tap on the "Next" button and continue filling out the menus that follow. At the end of your Attempt submission, you will have a chance to type additional notes in the "Service Attempt Declaration" section.


Submitting a Successful Service


Submitting an Attempt