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Each Missouri summons states the date of the hearing the person is being summoned to. ABC Legal requires that the summons be delivered at least 15 days before this date, and the proof delivered promptly afterwards to give ample time to file with the court and customers.

Missouri summons last only 30-60 days. This leaves a small window in which to serve the documents, and we may need that time to try at several addresses. Following ABC Legal's policy of starting attempts within 48 hours of receiving the documents and every 48 afterwards will make this a very achievable window.


Every Missouri Proofs of Service must be notarized and submitted as soon as possible after the service. Proofs of Non-Service do not require notarization but must still be submitted as quickly as possible due to to the short time window for attempting service. All Missouri Proofs of Non-Service are e-singable.

Example Summons

Missouri example summons

Example Proof

Image of example Missouri Proof