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No Jane Doe or John Doe

Before handing over the documents to a co-resident of the defendant, you must obtain their name. If they don't give their name you will have to leave with the documents.

Edit Family Relationship To Be Specific

Substitute Service in Mississippi is only allowed in the event that you are speaking with a family member, at least 17 years of age, who co-resides at the residence in question. On your proof of service, you must include the specific relationship between the person accepting service and the defendant. ABC Mobile's options for "descendant" and "parent" are not accepted by Mississippi courts. Please edit this term to specifically say "Son," "Daughter," "Father," "Mother" or whatever term best specifies the familial relationship, such as "Cousin," "Nephew," or "Grandfather." 

When a Minor Accepts the Documents

If a family member and co-resident aged 17 accepts the documents do not use the selection "15-17". List their exact age and how it was confirmed in your service notes. 


After a substitute service, another copy of the documents will be sent to you with your proof. These documents must be mailed to the same address, by first class mail. The date of mailing must be written on the proof. If this date is not written on the proof the court will more than likely reject it, requiring that it be served again.

Mississippi mailing date


Proofs of service must always be notarized, while proofs of non-service do not.

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