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Metrics - Reporting Requirements

What are Reporting Requirements?

Our reporting requirements, one of our metrics, are a percent based on the frequency with which the following occur on each attempt or service submission:

  • GPS reading is near the address of the serve
  • A photo is taken
  • Reporting in the app within 15 minutes of the attempt or service

This percentage only keeps track of the last 7 days of performance.

Why do Reporting Requirements matter?

It is very important to us that these requirements be met, it is how we hold ourselves accountable and our customers greatly appreciate it. Meeting a 90% on these metrics is the baseline expectation for working at ABC Legal, so if this metric falls below 90% then you cannot claim new areas, and no new orders will be dispatched to you. Other process servers may also be able to claim areas you are assigned to.

There is an NA instead of a percentage, what does that mean?

The system will not calculate a percentage if you have have not reached a certain attempt count threshold within the past week. There is no penalty for not having a percentage - the system is set up to prevent a single missed reporting requirement from effecting you too harshly.

I'm taking photos, but they aren't uploading and my metrics are going down

This is usually a connection issue; photos are large and if you are working in an area with poor cell coverage connection interruptions can cause photos to not transmit correctly.

I'm not making attempts but my percentage is changing. Why is that?

Each day the oldest attempts are dropped as they fall outside the 7-day time period and the percentage is recalculated. This can mean that your percentage can go up or down at the beginning of each day even if you haven't made attempts yet today.

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