Getting More Assignments

Manage Areas Tab is Your Friend

Raise Your Limit

If you are hoping to receive more work, make sure that your Active Services Limit is well above the amount of work you are looking to have, that way new orders will always be sent straight to you.

Primaries Are First

Regularly check your manage areas tab in ABC Mobile. If a zip code is available to claim as a Primary assignment, look into it. Decide if the jobs/month and distance from your other areas are in line with your desires for workload and travel time. If it looks good to you, assign yourself the area as a Primary! You will then be automatically dispatched new jobs coming into that area - up until you hit your active services limit.

There IS a Limit

ABC Legal does not receive unlimited jobs to assign. If you are the Primary process server committed to a zip code and not receiving new work, the reason is likely that we don't have anything for you at the moment. The market is limited to the scope of supply and demand - we can only give you as much as we get!

If There are No Primaries Available

Keep an eye out. Primary areas may eventually become available for you to grab. The hard truth is that, in the meantime, you may not get a lot of assignments.