Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: November 25th, 2020

Can I serve on Thanksgiving Day?

No. The only days you cannot serve with ABC Legal are Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. You are free to serve the other 363 days of the year.

How do I reach ABC Legal when I have an issue?

Press the Support button in ABC Mobile, or Contact ABC in the top-right menu any of your Partner Resource pages.

How do I sign the new Guidelines and Expectations?

Click on this link to sign the new Guidelines and Expectations.

How do I request a new option in ABC Mobile?

Tell us what new options you need here. We want to know what scenarios you keep running into that don't offer an option at the press of a button. The more options we add, the more quickly we can close jobs automatically and get you a proof to sign that much faster.

How is serving different now with COVID-19?

See COVID-19 Safety Guidelines to review our new requirements for serving at this time. 

Where is ABC Legal serving?

ABC Legal is now open for service in every state.



A defendant called me and gave me additional information, what do I do?

If someone calls you regarding a job, open the job, click the telephone icon to the right of their name, and enter the phone number and information that they gave you.

Watch a detailed video on how to record phone calls: Logging Phone Attempts.

Do overdue proofs keep me from getting more work?

No. Though we need proofs back as soon as you can get them to us, overdue proofs do not prevent you from receiving work.

Can I eSign proofs from my computer?

Yes! You can always sign in at using your same email and password as for ABC Mobile, and go to the Sign Proofs tab to sign any of your proofs.

How do I print documents?

Log in to your webportal at, and select "Print Service Documents" to print up to 10 documents at a time.

You can also go to "Packing List", select the document, and press "View Service Documents".

If the system will not produce the documents, it is because they are original documents and cannot be printed out.

Why does ABC Mobile log me out so frequently?

You may experience that ABC Mobile logs you out more frequently than other apps you use. This helps keep your information, and that of anyone we are serving, better protected. 

How do I prioritize all these different instructions in ABC Mobile?

In the following order: Court, Customer, ABC Mobile. For a more in-depth answer see An Order's Requirements

Does my state have specific rules I need to follow?

It's quite likely. Find out by checking the State Specific Information and Policies page.  

What do I do if I don't have good data coverage in my area?

Before you enter an area with poor coverage set your device to airplane mode, then submit any serves or attempts as you normally would, pressing confirm at the end. All this information will be stored on your device: pictures, the time the event occurred, and the time you entered the information. When you are in an area with good coverage again take your device out of airplane mode and everything will be submitted normally.

My attempt didn't go through 

Don't worry, if you've refreshed ABC Mobile and your attempt isn't there, just resubmit it! If you have significantly moved your position you may receive an Incomplete notification saying your GPS must match the expected location. That's okay, we understand that these things happen. Just respond with the explanation that the original attempt didn't go through the first time.

A defendant wants to meet me somewhere. What should I do?

First, record how you got the information by submitting an attempt or a phone attempt.  Afterwards, enter the address using the "+" icon to the right of the defendant’s name. For further details see: Meeting at a Neutral Location

I think this person is trying to avoid service. What should I do?

Document it! Describe exactly what you are seeing in ABC Mobile so that it would be clear to anyone reading your proof that they are avoiding. Making 3 attempts of "No contact." before writing, "I think this person is avoiding" is insufficient. Remember, your proof needs to convince the court and the customer that the person is avoiding.

I have so many serves. Which ones do I go to first?

Let ABC Mobile do the planning for you. The Route Plan feature will set up a route for you to follow with a tap of your finger. No more manually entering addresses into Google Maps! See also: The Car Button.

An area is no longer assigned to me! Why? How can I get it back?

Your Primary Areas can and will be claimable as long as you are considered exceeding your capacity. If you would like to prevent them from being claimed it would be advised to drop zip codes that are currently too far so that you can ideally work in a much more condensed and efficient area at the end of the day. For more on Capacity check out the Manage Areas page.

How do I get set up to E-sign proofs?

If you've received an E-sign proof, then check out our E-sign Proofs Page.

Someone threatened me or ordered me off their property and told me not to come back. What do I do?

Leave the scene. Call 9-1-1 if necessary. Once you are safe, report an attempt in ABC Mobile and select "Nobody" under "Who did you speak with?" and "Hostile Environment". Then provide any necessary details.

Why does my app not reflect current information?

The sync button should be your best friend. This button in the top left of the home page should be pressed every time you enter new information into the app. Submitted a proof? Sync! Reported a new attempt? Sync! Most issues arise because your app has not recently communicated with our system.

How do I download ABC Mobile?

Go to your App Store if you have an Apple device, or to your Play store if you have an Android, and search for ABC Legal. You'll see our app "ABC Legal Services Mobile" with our logo, and select "Install".

How do I report an issue with ABC Mobile?

First try deleting the app, restarting your device, and reinstalling ABC Mobile.

If the issue still persists, send us a request Here with:

  • Specific details about the issue.
  • What type of phone and operating system you have
  • What version of ABC Mobile you have (found in profile)

There is a "No Trespassing" Sign. Am I allowed to serve them?

When serving process, you should not trespass. In the event that there is a "No Trespassing" sign on someone's private property make note of it in your attempt, and make sure to include a picture of the sign in your submission. See more: Trespassing and Barriers


Didn’t find the answer to your question in the FAQ?

Search using the toolbar! There are plenty of articles that may have your answer.

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You can also reach out to Partner Support by Sending a Request Here.

Why isn't SignNow working?

We are aware of an issue where SignNow is not loading documents for some process servers.

If you are experiencing this issue: Delete SignNow, restart your device, then whenever you sign a proof select "Sign With Mobile Browser". Do not reinstall SignNow for the time being.

The use of this method is temporary, and we will inform you when the problem is resolved.