California - Intro to Post-Judgment Services

An Undertaking for the Experienced Process Server

Writ of Execution

Writs of Execution are court orders for the seizure of the funds of a losing party. Our customers expect faster resolutions on post-judgment services than on a typical service, so we ask that Writs of Execution be served within one week of receiving the documents. 

In any bundle of post-judgment service documents, there will be a packet marked "Original Writ." This is the master document from which all copies are made, and will need to be filed with the proof of service at the sheriff's office once service is completed. 

Overview of The Role

  1. You will receive a bundle of documents in the mail. This includes two main sections - the filing packet and the service packet.
  2. You will go into your app, find the relevant order, and tap "Documents Received."
  3. You will go to the sheriff's office, indicated on the coversheet, with the entire bundle you received. The sheriff will open a file for their own records, and you will scan a copy of the stamped pages and send them to
  4. Deliver the service documents to the indicated address. If the documents are a bank levy, you will be mailing a set of documents as well. 
  5. Sign the proofs and file them with the sheriff within 5 days of service.