Balancing Limits and Commitments

Own Your Areas

Assigning yourself to a zip code as the Primary Process Server in Manage Areas is, at its core, a promise to ABC Legal that you make attempts every 48 hours on every order that comes to that area. Taking on an area is making a commitment to completing all the work there in a timely fashion, and with the level of quality ABC Legal expects. Familiarize yourself with the zip codes near you so you understand what you're committing to. 

You are not locked in forever. At any point you are welcome to drop an area for any reason and you can instead focus on being more efficient with your other primaries.

You are not required to serve any orders that would cause you to trespass or become unsafe.

Active Service Limit

Your active service limit should ALWAYS be high enough for more work to come in. Otherwise, you are limiting your own efficiency. Take the following example:

You have an active service limit of 40. Yet, within a given week, 60 new jobs are submitted to ABC in your Primary Areas. Only 40 of those will be dispatched to you at one time, with the other 20 trickling in as you resolve the older jobs. So when you make your rounds the following week, you find that these new addresses are across the street from jobs you just finished earlier in the week! This could have been avoided - you could have saved gas, time, and effort, had your limit not kept you from receiving those jobs at the same time.

A low active service limit decreases efficiency

Great process servers know how much work they can handle in a week's time, and they keep their limit well above that number. If they find themselves overwhelmed, the solution is not to artificially limit their work - and waste all that time and money - by changing their maximum number of active services. Their solution is to let go of an area that is hurting your other work! Consolidating your workload into a few compact, busy zip codes will keep you from getting overworked.

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Manage Areas Tab

Manage Areas in ABC Mobile contains all the necessary information to control your workload. You are able to view every zip code assigned to you - Primaries, Secondaries, and Backups - and how much work they produce in a month. From there, you can tap on an area to see more information about it or to release it from your list. If you find yourself driving around too much and constantly at your limit, the issue is likely that you have claimed too many areas. Try dropping your least favorite zip code and you will find yourself in a much better rhythm.


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