Marital Community AZ State Image

Whenever you are serving a Marital Community order, make sure to:

  • Deliver 2 copies of the service documents. (Be sure to print 2 copies when you initially are emailed the service documents.)
  • Confirm the subject's residency.
  • Confirm the name of the subject's spouse.
  • Include both names that appear on the coversheet in your attempt notes.

If the individual you speak with refuses to provide the name of the subject's spouse, include notes detailing this information. For example: “Stated that subject is married, but refused to provide spouse's name”.

Alternative Service

Due Diligence is required on every order that you receive where you are not able to serve the documents. In order to gain court approval for Alternative Service, we must first complete 2 rounds of due diligence. Information such as License Plate verification and residency confirmation must be entered on the order's notes in ABC Mobile.

Our office will review the order and send it to the customer who will either approve and send it to court or request further attempts from us. Once approval from the court is granted, the job will be sent back to you with an order to post and all necessary mailers.

If you are ever suspicious that a person is avoiding service, it is better to complete diligence, and send us a request Here instead of entering it on the notes in ABC Mobile.

Proof Return

All mailers that we provide you need to be mailed after posting occurs ASAP.

If you receive two mailers, you will need to check the "by Certified Mail return receipt requested" box on the proof of service after the mailing occurred.

posting proof example

Additionally, always indicate on the proof the date the mailers were sent.