E-Signing Alabama Proofs

Example Signature

When E-Signing a document in Alabama place an /s/ in front of your signature. Alabama courts require this on any document that is electronically signed and will be rejected by the court without it.

Attempting a New Address

In Alabama, you may never attempt service at any address other than what is specified on the summons - the same address that will appear in your app. If you receive a better address for the servee from a contact, simply include that information when you submit a bad address so that we can get a new summons. You may not attempt at a new address or neutral location until the summons has been edited.

Service Returns

A Service Return will be delivered with every set of documents and must be completed and submitted with the Proof of Service or Proof of Non-Service.

The service return must list both the date of service, and the date of signature. The date of service will be automatically added to the ABC proof, but you must list the correct date of service on the service return. Ensure that the date of signature is the same on both the Proof as well as the Service Return, if they are different the service may be rejected by the court.

Listing substitute service correctly

In the event of a sub-service make sure to obtain the first and last name of the person accepting the documents on behalf of someone else, as the person's full name must be on the proof submitted to the court.


A Non-Serve in Alabama is noted by writing “Non-Service” in the section where you would put the name of the person you served. See example below.

Select “Documents Received” as soon as you receive the documents.

Documents Received Button

A “received” date will automatically be generated on your proofs based on the day and time you select “documents received” in the Mobile App. Make sure to mark the documents received as soon as you confirm you've received them. If you forget this step and have to mark received right before making a service - or worse, afterwards - it will cause the validity of the document to come in to question and it could be rejected by the court.

Refusal of Service

An individual in Alabama may refuse service of process, in which case we cannot serve them. After a defendant has refused service select "Bad Address" in the app and follow the steps to indicate that the individual does live there but refused service.

Service Return Examples

Service Return Copies may look slightly different from county to county, but here are a few examples for you to familiarize yourself with. Shown is only the bottom section that you would fill out.


Alabama Service Return Example Served


Non-Service Signature-1