Metrics - Active Services Limit

What is a limit? Why have one?

From time to time ABC Legal will receive an influx of work from our customers. Though claiming an area means you've committed to completing the work that comes in there, we also understand that from time to time it can be a little too much. Your Active Services Limit is in place to help in these circumstances, and stops more work from being sent to you when you have as many jobs as your limit. Make sure your limit is well enough above the amount of work you want to receive, but close enough to be safe from receiving too much at once. Like a safety net, its there to protect you, but still requires a buffer to function correctly.

My limit is at 0. Why?

There are a few reasons this might be the case. First, check your other metrics. Are your Reporting Requirements showing in red? Do you have an number of Overdue Assignments? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, you likely have your answer. Another possibility is that our compliance team is trying to reach you. Check your emails and make sure that you have no outstanding complaint investigations. 

Though your proofs will show as red when they are overdue, this will not have an impact on your active service limit. Overdue proofs still hold up our process as a company and are necessary for you to receive pay, so they still need to be signed and returned within 1-2 business days. 

When will my limit be reset?

Your metrics are reviewed at the end of each business day. If you have no overdues and your reporting requirements are in good order, your limit will be reset.


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