Process Server Deactivation

Policy and Procedure

ABC Legal is defined by our commitment to honest and accurate service of process. 

A process server's account can be deactivated on a temporary or permanent basis if:

  • A process server violates their contract or ABC Legals's Guidelines and Expectations. Activity by a process server that causes the integrity of ABC Legal to be questioned will be addressed. Occasionally the determination is made to end our contractual relationship based on these findings.
  • A process server neglects their orders for an unreasonable period of time. Timeliness is integral to efficient service of process.
  • A process server exhibits a pattern of behavior that results in a lower than anticipated rate of successful service.

Stay aware of your position in relation to ABC Legal's expectations by checking out your process server scorecard.

ABC Legal reserves the right to deactivate a process server's account with or without cause.

We understand that this can be a frustrating experience. The decision to deactivate a process server’s account is made because law firms rely on successful service of documents in order to progress a case.