Court Filings
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10k Documents Per Month

Messenger And Document Delivery

Need documents delivered? ABC Legal provides point-to-point special delivery services with proof of delivery time and date stamps on all documents. We also offer subscription route services, where each carrier does appointed rounds to courts for pickup and delivery services of filings and other litigation documents. Available only in the Puget Sound area, we pick up and deliver over 10,000 documents each month for all civil litigation cases. Our delivery experts know the court systems, the laws, and the participants, and review all documents to ensure that everything is in order so you always get results the first time.

Any document for any civil case

Any document for any civil case

We offer services to all major court systems in the Puget Sound area for any type of civil litigation. We cover cases for divorce, creditors’ rights, family law, subrogation, probate, dissolution, and any other type of litigation. We ensure your documents are in order, provide person-to-person delivery and give you stamped proof of date and time. You’ll save time and money, safe in the knowledge that your documents were successfully delivered.

Court Filings

Court Filings

Need to have your cases physically filed in the courts? In addition to our e-filing service, we physically file thousands of cases a month in over 20 states nationally. You’ll get complete transparency of the filings at every step as well as proven documentation that your case was accepted by the court system. Save time and money and ensure you keep your client’s trust that their case was submitted accurately and on time the first time.

What are other legal professionals saying?

Quickest and Most Efficient Service
We are an out of state law firm that needed service in their area and let me tell you, they did not disappoint! They had our documents served within an hour! Amazing!
Good Service
Easy to use interface. Document delivery both ways was super simple. Process service was very fast. All documents were accepted by the court. Highly recommend.
Great job
Great job. Efficient. I especially appreciate receiving timely updates regarding service attempts. Your portal for placing orders is also super easy.

Any document. Anywhere.

More than 2,000 process servers. All 50 states and 77 countries.

international services

As the only acting Central Authority of the U.S. Department of Justice, ABC Legal is the official and recognized provider for receiving the service of process requests originating from abroad into the U.S., pursuant to the Hague Convention, Inter-American Convention, and Letters Rogatory.