Things To Avoid

Per ABC Legal Guidelines and Expectations

The process server shall NOT harass, annoy, scare, restrain, or otherwise distress any individuals present where service has been requested. To protect themselves, ABC Legal, and its customers from allegations of harassment, a Process Server shall NOT:

  • Become intentionally annoying to the occupants of a residence, i.e. knocking on the door for an extended length of time, or verbally antagonizing a person to bait them into calling the police.
  • Block a driveway or vehicle.
  • Have a firearm on them when attempting to serve. 
  • Attempt service at abnormal hours, Thanksgiving or Christmas.
  • Attempt service at a place of worship.
  • Attempt service before 7 am or after 10 pm.
  • Serve any individual who resides in a nursing home or convalescent facility.

A Process Server shall NOT make any representations - written or verbal (door tags, business cards, letters, phone recordings, or in-person conversations) to a consumer or a person at the address for attempted service that:

  • Misrepresent the name or status of the process server, or the firm that contracted ABC Legal for service of process.
  • Lead the individual to falsely believe that the process server is a member of, or represents, law enforcement.
  • Render legal advice or discuss the litigation status of the case.
  • Convey a false sense of urgency through reference to potential embarrassment by serving at a conspicuous time, place or manner.
  • Threaten the assessment of additional legal fees.
  • Otherwise mislead the individual as to the nature of the contact.