Tennessee - Filing Procedure

Proof Returns: 

For all Tennessee proofs returns the proof is to be stapled as the last page of the returned document. The additional copy that is being sent to the servers is a copy for the court to date stamp and send back to ABC so that we have proof that the return took place. 

Please be sure that the prepaid postage envelope is addressed to the ABC Legal Oklahoma office:

For Oklahoma:
625 W Main Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Alternatively, if the court date stamps the proof, you can scan and send the proof to the following Oklahoma office email: All_OKC@abclegal.com

After Completing a Job

Once you have resolved a job, you will be sent some documents to file with the court. Make sure to follow the steps provided below to ensure filing is completed accordingly. (Note: There are a few counties that practice differing filing procedures, and those procedures have also been included. If you are serving in Davidson, Hawkins, Knox, or Shelby county, refer instead to the listed filing methods that are specific to those areas).

General Filing Procedure

1. E-sign your Proof:  After we receive your signed Proof, a packet of materials will be mailed to you, including the Original Warrant, a Filing Coversheet, and two copies of your signed Proof. 


2. Press “Documents Received”: In ABC Mobile, select the relevant job, and at the bottom of the order, hit “Documents Received”. 

3. Fill out the Original Warrant

     a. If the order was served: Be sure to select one of the Served Upon check boxes. Fill out and sign the section on the Original Warrant highlighted in the image below.

     b. If the order was NOT served: Fill out the defendant’s name next to ‘Except’ and write “Not Served” next to where it says, ‘Served’. 

Fill out original warrant


4. File Documents at Court: Go to the courthouse listed on the Filing Coversheet and file the Original Warrant and both copies of your Proof. 


5. Press “Documents Filed”: Go back into ABC Mobile, select the same order, hit “Documents Filed” then “confirm”. 

Documents filed

County Specific Procedures

Davidson County

1. E-sign your Proof: After we receive your signed Proof, you will be emailed another blank copy to fill out.

2. Scan to Docattach@abclegal.com: Once you receive the additional Proof, print, sign and scan the Proof to DocAttach. You will not need to go to the courthouse to file the Original Warrant and signed Proof.

Hawkins County

1. E-sign your Proof:  Following our receipt of your signed Proof, a packet of materials will be mailed to you, including not only the Original Warrant, a Filing Coversheet, and two copies of your signed Proof, but sometimes an extra court-issued Proof to be signed as well. If the additional court-issued Proof is provided, it will always be stapled to the front of the Original Warrant. 

2. Fill out Court-Issued Proof: 

Court issued proof


3. File Documents at Court: While at the courthouse listed on the Filing Coversheet, make sure to file the extra court-issued Proof, if included, along with your filled out Original Warrant and signed Proof copies. 


Knox County

Return Proof and Original Warrant To Kari Sudman: After the completion of a job, you will be contacted by Kari Sudman, where you will be provided a Proof, in person, to sign and return to her. 

You will also return the Original Warrant to Kari, she will instruct you to fill out the Warrant, and will then take the Warrant to court for filing, along with your signed Proof. Should the job still have additional addresses to attempt, she will prepare the Warrant to send to another Process Server for further attempts. 


Shelby County

Sign Proofs and Warrants at Memphis Office: Proofs are NOT e-signed in Shelby County. When serving in Shelby County, you will need to make regular trips to the Memphis office, at least once a week, to sign any Proofs and Warrants. 

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