Tennessee - Filing Procedure

After Completing a Job

(Note: Process servers in Shelby county will follow a different process. Please contact Julie Acosta for more information.)

  1. When we receive a signed Proof: ABC Legal will mail you a packet of materials, including: the Original Warrant, a filing coversheet, and a copy of your signed Proof. You must take the following steps within 1-2 business days of receiving this package.
  2. "Documents Received": Go into ABC Mobile, find the relevant order, and hit "Documents Received" at the bottom of the order, then leave the order as it is until the documents have been filed with the court.
  3. Fill out the Original Warrant
    1. If the order was served: Fill out and sign the section on the Original Warrant highlighted below.
    2. If the order is Not Served: Write the Defendant's name in the 'Except' category, and "Not Served" in the 'Served' category.
      warrant example 2-1
  4. Filing at Court: Go to the courthouse listed in ABC Mobile and on the filing coversheet with the entire bundle of materials you received. File the Original Warrant and Proof together.
  5. "Documents Filed": After filing is complete, find the order in ABC Mobile, then select "Documents Filed" and "confirm".

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