Service via Security Camera 

Occasionally, you may identify an individual through a video doorbell, and they may agree to have you leave the documents on their doorstep for them to come out and retrieve once you have backed away.

To Ensure a Valid Service

  • Clearly communicate that the documents will be left near the door and that you will retreat and wait for the documents to be received. (Never leave documents in a mailbox.)
  • Confirm that an individual who can be served is currently inside the residence. 
  • Watch the recipient retrieve the documents.
  • Log your service, including a full description of the individual, into ABC Mobile.

Do not Leave the Documents if Not Retrieved  

If you have clearly communicated that you are leaving the documents and find that the recipient is not coming to retrieve them, do not leave the documents at the residence. Instead, take the documents back with you and enter an attempt with these details.