Account Suspension

What It Means

Account suspension at ABC Legal occurs when a Process Server fails to meet the company's high standards for order and proof completion. This can happen due to incomplete orders, delays in completing and returning proofs, or other non-compliance issues. During the suspension period, the Process Server will not receive new orders until their performance meets the required standards.

Why It's Important 

Maintaining timely and accurate completion of orders is crucial for several reasons:

  • Earnings: Suspensions reduce your earning potential as you will not receive new assignments during the suspension period.
  • Scorecard: Frequent suspensions can negatively impact your scorecard, affecting your professional reputation and future opportunities with ABC Legal.
  • Client Satisfaction: Our clients rely on timely and accurate service, and delays can negatively impact their legal proceedings.
  • Operational Efficiency: Delays and incomplete work disrupt ABC Legal's workflow, leading to inefficiencies.

How to Resolve Account Suspension

To lift the suspension and avoid future issues, Process Servers should:

  • Address Overdue Orders Promptly: Act immediately to complete any overdue orders and return to good standing.
  • Utilize the "Sorting" Feature: Use the "Sorting" option in ABC Mobile to prioritize and visualize the orders requiring the most urgent attention.

What Account Suspension Looks like in ABC Mobile

During this suspension period, you will lose the ability to take on orders or claim new areas until your status of work is within compliance of ABC Legal's requirements.