Reporting Resident and Neighbor Information

When attempting to Serve documents, if a Process Server is not able to get ahold of the defendant, it will be essential to obtain verbal confirmation from 2 Sources: resident and a non-resident to confirm if the subject does or does not reside at the address being attempted.

This will help determine if more attempts need to be made to carry out a successful service, or if the address is non-servable.

Non-resident refers to:

  • Neighbor

  • Leasing Office

  • Building Manager

  • On Site Worker

Resident refers to:

  • An individual that resides in the same address. (Resident must be at least 18 years or older, but this may differ depending on the state, please see your state rules)

  • Getting one verbal confirmation is not enough to determine non-residency, ABC Legal requires 2 sources
  • Avoid typing information that there is a button for, as it can cause delays with the order.

ABC Mobile

To report an attempt that you spoke with both a resident and a neighbor, on the page “Who did you speak With at Address?” select the type of resident, then later on the page “What did they Say?” select the option that best applies, in this page you are able to make more than one selection.

Who did you speak with and what did they say screens

On the “What did you Observe At Address?” select all the applicable options.

Now, you will be able to add information on second person you spoke to on the “Who Else Did You Speak With?” page, select the options that best apply.

What did you observe at address and who else did you speak with screens

Based on your selections ABC Mobile will autogenerate a description, please refrain from typing information that is already stated in the description.