Please make at least three attempts prior to the serve by date.


Sub-serve to anyone affiliated with the address that knows the subject.  Example, you go to the service address and the subject’s landlord answers the door.  They confirm they know the subject and are willing to accept the documents on their behalf.  You can sub-serve this person.   If possible please get a name for the person you’re sub-serving and you’ll need to record a description of the person on the proof of service. 


Here's how you fill out the proof:

  1. “John/Jane Doe” on “day of service” and “time of service.” 
  2. You’ll need to write in the service address (the Judge requires this even though the address is listed on the proof) AND check the box that best describes what kind of address this is home, business, other.
  3. Check off which box best describes the person you served.  If you don’t see an option then please mark other and provide a brief description of who you sub-served the documents to.  There is a space underneath Other that includes space for you to describe the person you served.  Please provide a name even if you need to write John/Jane Doe and their relationship to the person who is being served.  if you haven’t understood the relationship to the subject then you should not be sub-serving documents.  Please provide a description of the person you served.
  4. If you did not serve papers then you’ll need to record your three most recent attempts in the Affidavit of No Service section – this section includes a space for the date, time of day, and information you were able to verify.  If you mark other – please provide a brief description. 
  5. The court needs at least three attempts to be made prior to the serve by date so please make sure to meet this minimum requirement for each job if you believe the subject resides or you’re unable to get any information during your attempts.
  6. The last section is the signature line – please make sure to sign your proof and include your name (written), address, and phone number.  The Judge may contact you regarding a service if they need information. 
  7. You get paid upon completion of this proof so please make sure this step is completed!