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International Documents

Can I add a new address on International jobs?

New addresses cannot be entered on international orders due to other countries having differing laws regarding process serving. If a new location for the subject is provided to you, log an attempt communicating this information so we can create a proof stating that the subject does not reside at the given address. Service should not be completed at any other address aside from the service address listed on the ABC Legal coversheet.

After Non-Service

  • If they are originals, return them! If non-service occurs, international documents should be mailed back using the return envelopes provided by ABC Legal since most international orders are originals.
  • If you misplace your return envelope, just use a normal one with “Attn: International” written on the front. Sending international documents back without this label will delay its reception along with server pay.
  • If you need a shipping label to return international documents, please send a request to
    internationalinfo@abclegal.com to be provided one. 

When do International Documents get removed from my app?

In the event of a non-service, the international order will be removed from ABC Mobile once we have received the returned documents. This is also when your pay will process.